Drop the gloves

AO: The Wreck

When: 02/21/2018

PAX: Hattrick, Crablegs, Thumper, Doogie, Grease Monkey, Sprocket, AFLAC, Jackalope, Squeegie, Turbine, Rooney, Goat, Virginia Slim, Rusty, TP, DD, Miller Time, Smackdown, Bear, Bronco

QIC: Bronco

20 PAX showed up at half past 5AM for what was hinted to be a coupon-ish routine (“may or may not need” gloves).  YHC knew to get the meatheads out there for a mosey-heavy Q some trickery would need to be involved.  Needless to say it worked.


We combined it all in today.

  • Mosey half mile to the very far end parking lot (Squat hold for 6)
    • SSH x 30
  • Mosey half mile up the paved road behind the rec center (Squat hold for 6)
    • Mountain Climbers x30
  • Mosey back to flag (Squat hold for 6)
    • Broad jumps forward and backward (15 total)
  • Mosey back to far parking lot (LBC’s for 6)
    • Squat Jumps x30
  • Mosey to the football field and line up at the goal line (Burpees for 6)
    • Lunges to the 50
    • Sprint to the far goal line.
    • Bear crawl 100 yards back to the opposite side
  • Mosey back to parking lot on hill (Squat hold for 6)
    • Gorilla Humpers x30
    • Monkey Humpers x30
  • Mosey back to the flag


  • Merkins
  • American Hammers
  • Flutter kicks
  • T-bombs
  • Diamond Merkins
  • Freddy Mercury

Mileage was all over depending on which technology was used but definitely hit between 3-4 miles and got those lungs a little stronger!


  • Circus needs a better alarm clock
  • Amazing recovery by Truett (Friend’s little boy that underwent brain surgery)
  • Coffee following
  • 3rd F opportunity’s continue – need some recruits!
  • 2nd F opportunity Thursday (tomorrow) at Avalon Beer Garden


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