Eat, drink, and be merry….tomorrow we die

AO: The Firehouse

When: 02/13/2018

PAX: Knob, Lego, Skynard

QIC: Reuben

It certainly is satisfying to be in the gloom on a rainy day.  Something about feeling those drops of wetness caress your skin as you attempt that next excercise.  4 PAX ventured out this am to celebrate a day called Fat Tuesday.  That celebration would be short lived however, as we would soon have to atone for our celebration with the pain that would follow.

Mosey around the Northside of the park for:


Imperial Walkers


All IC x 10 each excercise

The Thang

Mosey around the south side of the park back to our starting point, stopping along the way for 20 Merkins and 20 dips on the curb.

Took cover under the picnic area for Deck of Death:

Clubs-American Hammers


Hearts- Burpees


Jokers Wild(Pax pick), Aces-10 reps, Face cards(King-10 reps, Queen-9, Jacks -8). Despite the breeze, YHC was able to keep a consistent routine but may have repeated a few cards, but we were all better for it.

With time to spare we partnered up for a modified DORA-partner 1 ran to 2nd light pole for 10 Burpees- partner 2 held Balls to the wall until partner 1 returns.  2 rounds total.  Total of 20 Burpees each with our shoulders burning.

Quick Mary:

Dolly x 15 (IC)

LBC x 20 (IC)

Dying Cockroach x 20(IC)


Good to have Knob back in the mix with us today.  It’s great to have one of the PAX acknowledge his need for community and desire to get better.

Prayers for our brother Dash and his health.  Healing from abdominal pain.

Continued growth at Firehouse.


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