Round(s) of Burpees for the PAX

AO: Firehouse

When: 01/28/2021

PAX: Skynyrd, Schneider, Asphalt, Lifelock, Lightweight, Suarez, Brady(FNG), Script Kiddie, Buckeye

QIC: Suarez

Cold and windy morning to start the day, but 9, and that is not a typo, 9 HIM showed up to get the party started right.
The flag was planted and placed firmly in the ground to avoid the shovel flag from taking a dive, some quick early morning chatter and setup for the Q then on to the mosey


  1. Moseyed to the start with the young gun lifelock leading the way got to the spot and let all the PAX catch up and then the fun began
    Side Straddle Hop
    Weed picker
    Sun gods
    Reverse Sun gods
    then on to the Thang

The Thang:

The setup for the work out was sent out the night before, so the PAX new what was coming but still we were not fully prepared
Suarez setup 5 stations and the plan was to rotate to all 5 stations 5 times  40 seconds of exercise with 20 second break and 60 Seconds between rounds

Station 1
Round4:Triceps Extension
Round5:Triceps Extension

Station 2
Round1:Leg Raises
Round2:Leg Raises
Round3:Leg Raises

Station 3
Round4:Uneven Merkins
Round5:Uneven Merkins

Station 4

Station 5
Round1:Jump rope
Round2:Jump rope
Round3:Jump rope

Once the PAX got through all 5 rounds it was time to take a longer run around the parking lot finishing at the flag pole, for a quick Round of Mary
Leg Raises
American Hammers
Ranger Merkins


Time for the count off and  namerama  with Asphalt having to leave early that lef the rest of the men to name the FNG, since he was not a fan of the Patriots and especially the QB it only made since to give him the F3 nickname of Brady.

Lightweight’s father-in-law is having a stent put in so prayer for him and the procedure
Pray for our leaders

Naked-Man Moleskin:

No post BD run or ruck so it was off to start the day, hope everyone has a great weekend and rest up for the next Beat down, there were threats of bring an old Reuben BD from the archives to keep the high intensity Beat downs going.

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