A Borrowed Beatdown

AO: Bridge QIC: Homer DATE: 04/16/2021 PAX: Boomer, Sugar, Meatball, Readymix, Wingnut, Birdie, Homer, Popper, Maguire, Puff Daddy Total PAX: 10 Preamble: Nothing of note. I did happen to drive around and take a look at "The Hill" that has made it's presence known at a Meathouse beatdown. Thought about …

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Tabata Time

Happy to see a few of my Rubicon brothers followed Sprocket from his Q there yesterday to join in our fun. Decided to flip the…

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West Side Story

YHC grabbed the Q yesterday and jotted down a plan on a piece of paper, instead of on his usual excel file, which proved fortunate…

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Firehouse Run

Started some jams while waiting for 5:30am. Once that hit we took off to our regular spot. Once there Dunshire pulled in and joined us.

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A Fresh Batch!

On the previous Saturday at the Bound we had a few participants for the monthly workout.  But the afterparty (dinner) was very fruitful as the…

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Rubicon HI Launch

Today was the launch for the high intensity BD option at Rubicon.  I was totally stoked when we had 7 HIM’s there ready to go…

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